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The Village Mini & Me All Access Class Pass

The Village Mini & Me All Access Class Pass

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Introducing the Village Mini&Me All-Access Pass! This exclusive subscription grants you free access to all mini and me classes offered at both The Village and The Village Sports locations. With this pass, you and your little one can fully immerse yourselves in a wide range of engaging activities and enriching experiences.

Not only does the All-Access Pass provide complimentary access to mini and me classes at The Village and The Village Sports, but it also offers a discounted rate for the popular "Let's Make a Mess" classes and the vibrant "Music with Corey" sessions. These additional classes are known for their interactive and stimulating content, ensuring a delightful learning environment for your child.

The All-Access Pass operates on a convenient month-to-month subscription basis, providing flexibility and allowing you to enjoy the benefits for as long as you desire. Should you decide to cancel, you have the freedom to do so at any time before the start of the next month's billing cycle, making it hassle-free and accommodating to your needs.

Unlock the full potential of mini and me classes at The Village and The Village Sports with the Village Mini&Me All-Access Pass. Immerse yourselves in an array of activities, nurture your child's development, and create cherished memories together!


How the pass works: 

Once you register for the Village Mini&Me All-Access Pass, you will receive a unique code that grants you access to register for as many classes as you desire. This code serves as your key to unlock the wide variety of mini and me classes available at The Village and The Village Sports.

To secure a spot in a class, you need to register up to one hour prior to the class start time. This ensures that you have ample time to plan your schedule and reserve a spot for you and your little one. It's important to note that classes have limited capacity, and once they reach their maximum capacity, they will be closed for registration. Therefore, it is recommended to register early to secure your preferred class.

In order to maintain fairness and accommodate other participants, the All-Access Pass includes a policy regarding no-shows. If you fail to attend a class for which you made a reservation on three separate occasions, without cancelling your reservation in advance, a penalty charge of $10 will be incurred. This policy encourages responsible attendance and ensures that spaces are utilized effectively.

The Village Mini&Me All-Access Pass provides you with the freedom to explore a variety of classes, engage in enriching activities, and bond with your child. Make the most of this opportunity by registering in advance, respecting class capacities, and honoring the cancellation policy to ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants.

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