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The Village Sports present parents and children an opportunity to develop a love for an active & healthy lifestyle at an early age. Parents and children experience sports at an early age through active & sports based classes for ages 0-6 years of age ranging from Active Movement, Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Taekwondo, and more!

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About The Village

Hey there, parents, welcome to your Village! Our Montessori-styled play cafe in Fort Lee, NJ is the perfect solution for modern parents who want to bond with their kids in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our play space is clean, safe, and totally chic - perfect for your little ones to have a blast with open play. Plus, we offer private children's parties and development-focused classes for mommy and me, toddlers, and drop-off sessions taught by passionate, knowledgeable educators.

Interested in buying toys? we have a great selection of non-toxic and sustainable options that have been carefully selected by our own educator and designer. Quality and peace of mind? Check and check.

The Village is the perfect place for you and your child to laugh, play, and learn together!

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2057 Hudson St.

Fort Lee, NJ

250 Old River Road

Edgewater, NJ

254 Old River Road

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254 Old River Road

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